About Incalcando

INCALCANDO understands that creative tools need to connect to conventional models and offer intuitive extensions to cater for the demands of creative professionals, artists, musicians and producers, and inspire further innovation.

Parat+ is an app for iOS that allows realtime control of several devices through multi-touch gestures with just one interface. A virtual ‘fader box’, it allows you to record, remap and set controls instantly and intuitively. Swipe and multitouch gestures record, loop and remap the interval of each fader and responsivity curve. Rescale, enlarge, pause and interrupt to modify your controls in realtime. Control sound levels, effects parameters, synthesis, lights and more via OSC and MIDI simultaneously.

INCALCANDO’s products have been designed with the knowledge that creative work requires tools that can grow with their users, allowing individual and intuitive creative application while maintaining flexibility and diversity. Artists who are familiar with programming or proficient with highly flexible systems based on e.g. Max, PureData or Processing, will appreciate the intuitive approach to data handling and parameter mapping and, crucially, users who lack the experience to deal with sophisticated technology will find themselves empowered to embrace cutting-edge interactive technology in the most intuitive and approachable manner. By reducing the technical involvement for data handling to a minimum, the user is free to make artistic and aesthetic choices and to be guided by their own creativity, avoiding the constraints of conventional software and controllers.